Software Recommendations

To get started, we recommend these software programs and apps for helping you manage your money. Stay tuned for blog posts related to each resource with more in-depth information!

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Quickbooks is the industry standard when it comes to accounting software. Most bookkeepers and CPAs know how to work with Quickbooks (for some, it might be the only software they work in). 

Quickbooks Website


Xero is the up-and-coming accounting software. Specially designed for businesses with inventory, they can scale with you as you grow. 

Xero Website


Bonsai is the freelancer's fairy godmother. They're beautiful and use friendly invoices automatically bounce to an in-house accounting software that tracks late payments, fees, and auto reminders. Click below for a free 2-week trial.

Bonsai Website


Want help setting up your bookkeeping system? Check out our bookkeeping services.


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