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Not sure if you can afford a bookkeeper yet? This deep dive is exactly what you need!

Get a professional review of your financial tracking systems, kind of like an audit. Accounting software is not one size fits all - find which system can meet you where you are and grow with you. Have confidence in your cash flow predictability and know when is the right time hire a bookkeeper.

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Athletes have coaches, why shouldn't business owners? Coaches help you be your best self, closing holes in your strategy and devising ways to take on challenges. If you'd like a business coach, review some options here or contact us.

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Bookkeeping Set-up

Bookkeepers help you track the day-to-day numbers in your business (this is different from CPAs, who can help file taxes for you). Historically, it's been your job (as the business owner) to decipher if your numbers are accurate or need attention. We'd like to help you with that through our education-forward bookkeeping set-up! Consider hiring Money Moxy to help set up your bookkeeping and accounting system so you can track your numbers and better understand them! Plus, this will make it easier for you to find and work with a great bookkeeper, because you'll know what you need done and the right questions to ask. 

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Book a call with Money Moxy cofounder, Gwen Kohl. Learn more about how your business goals align with our offerings!


"You have done an incredible job working on our behalf in a multiplicity of ways. You're supportive, inclusive, and empowering, settling fears and providing practical help and guidance on various fronts. We are better prepared and equipped because of… your skilled leadership."

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